Cambio de Ringgit malayo a Dólar estadounidense hoy

Friday, 19-Apr-24 11:22:16 UTC

0,21 US$

1 MYR a USD = 21.00 USD

Las conversiones más populares de MYR a USD

  • 5 MYR a USD = 1.05 USD
  • 10 MYR a USD = 2.09 USD
  • 25 MYR a USD = 5.23 USD
  • 50 MYR a USD = 10.46 USD
  • 100 MYR a USD = 20.91 USD
  • 250 MYR a USD = 52.28 USD

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¿A cómo está 1 Ringgit en Dólar estadounidenses?

1 Ringgit equivale a 21.00 Dólar estadounidenses.

¿Cuánto es 100 Ringgit en Dólar estadounidenses?

100 MYR vale 20.91 USD.

¿Cuánto es 1000 Ringgit en Dólar estadounidenses?

1000 MYR vale 209.10 USD.

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Is Malaysian ringgit getting stronger?

No, it's exactly the opposite. The Malaysian ringgit recently took a hit, dropping a its lowest point against the US dollar since the Asian financial crisis. It's been labeled the worst-performing currency in Asia for the year, just behind the yen, as reported by Bloomberg. This fall is chalked up a a mix of issues, including sluggish exports and a temporary pause in interest rate hikes.

So, why the recent dip? Well, two big players in this game. First off, the significant nosedive in oil prices played a crucial role, making the ringgit more vulnerable. Adding a the mix, the release of the USA's consistently high inflation data has made matters worse. And a top it off, the news that the US Federal Reserve won't likely be cutting rates in the first quarter of 2024 has piled on more trouble. These are the major factors pulling the ringgit down, painting a complicated picture of economic challenges and external pressures.

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